The Book: Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming

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The book, Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming, is now available.

January 16, 2016

Here is my synopsis:

It’s a scriptural fact that saints are very active on earth during the Great Tribulation. Isn’t it time Christians began preparing the Tribulation saints for that experience?

Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming is a tour of God’s Word concerning those Christians who are alive at the Lord’s second coming and how we can prepare them for it. God has a fantastic plan for Tribulation saints. He who knows the end from the beginning has given that specific generation of saints explicit directions along with words of hope and encouragement.

Tribulation saints need to know that living within the Great Tribulation signifies they’ve made it; they are living (and/or dying) in the ultimate time of greatest hope that ever was or will ever be. They need to recognize and utilize surrounding resources and memorize specific directions on what to do and say and where to go as God instructed. Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming provides a structure for the beginning of those lessons.

There are important directives concerning the Great Tribulation within this book that neither priests nor preachers have bothered educating their flocks about because so many of them presume the Great Tribulation is not something that they will have to personally contend with. Just because we don’t know who the Tribulation saints are or exactly when the Great Tribulation occurs does not mean these instructions should be ignored.

No child should be afraid to ask a parent “Why?” or “How come?” and Christians are no exception. Rest assured, God’s not going to leave any believer behind. Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming will explain why. If every believer is equipped with this information, no matter when these prophetic events happen, the Tribulation saints will be better prepared for the ordeal.

The scriptures state that it’s the foolishness of the cross that trips unbelievers up and that it’s the despised things of the world that God has chosen. (1 Corinthians ) It does not state that one must be some Biblical guru or a highly educated theologian who looks like a movie star in order to gain understanding when reading the Bible. Our faith is based on substance and evidence and because it is, we need to take a hard, logical look at what God says concerning the Great Tribulation and what He commands His Tribulation saints to do and we need at least a fundamental recognition of His reasoning, not something as intangible as “blind” or “plagiarized” faith.

Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming covers what God has to say concerning the Tribulation saints and offers hope through action by exercising strategic, creative thinking.

PRACTICAL PREPARATION FOR THE LORD’S SECOND COMING is now for sale at these storefronts:






My intentions are to blog here on subjects relating to the above book, including the out of doors. I hope we can have many fruitful discussions here about these topics.

–L. M. Cobb



What’s Happening?

I haven’t read the blogs of others for some time. I haven’t blogged much either. I have been helping others with their books. A lot has happened in the last few weeks around the world. I’m not “political.” I will vote for the person who I feel is the best for whatever position they are running for, regardless of their political affiliation. I work with people of all walks of life, as long as they treat me respectfully. That’s real important for a person involved in small business.

Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Communist . . . People interest me. Why they feel the way they do about issues interests me. The sway certain individuals and the press have over populations interests me.

There is a blogger called prayyior whom I’ve followed for about a year now and although I haven’t read anyone’s blog for some time, her latest headline grabbed my attention and I was moved to share it here.

She offers sound advice about praying for specifics and sets an example by doing so.

There will be those who agree with her and those who don’t.

I have and will be continuing to follow the Trumpmania in the U.S. but for very different reasons than what one might think.

You see, I had a book idea about six years ago. The idea was to write a novel, and maybe a sequel to it, in the historical fiction genre. A main character within it would be Nimrod. Nimrud. And that led me into researching as much as I could about that historical figure.

I still want to write that novel. But between now and then, history can teach us a few things. Because of that, I recommend readers take a second or even fifteenth look at what is happening now in Iraq. Here is a headline and link from November 13, 2016:

Iraqi army recaptures ancient city of Nimrud from Isis

Within the book Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming there is a section discussing Nimrod/Nimrud.

(For those with an ear, read Isaiah 14 and The Book of Revelation chapter 17:10.)

When I studied Nimrod six years ago (or so) I was impressed that after the fall of the Tower of Babel and after the confusion of languages, enough people still followed Nimrod that he was able to go on and build huge cities. The more I thought about that, the more astounding it was.How could a man garner that kind of following and power even after something as catastrophically devastating as the demolition of Babel? I asked people who, who in this world, our world today, could I study to use as a reference for my characterization of Nimrod. Time and time again the same name echoed. By the time August of 2014 rolled around, I decided to write a letter to this person and ask him some questions.

However, after much searching of the Internet (in 2014) I could find no physical address to mail my letter to. It has remained unsent. But I’ve pondered that letter over this last twelve months and finally succumbed to my curiosity to search it out because, I’ve been curious, in lieu of current events, to read what I wrote back then.

I just spent the last 20 minutes searching my future “historical fiction” novels notes for the copy I kept of that letter. (I’ve kept my novel-notes within a 3-ring binder.) I found it. I’ll now spend a while re-reading it and, who knows, maybe I’ll post it.

2 hours later . . .

I did.

You can read it here:

Letter to Donald Trump for Help in Fleshing Out Character within My Fiction Novel


Dangerous times – Pray

Prayyior's God Talk

Riots are going on around the nation. There is anger and unrest.  It now appears that a good portion of these people who are on the streets are being paid by a Soros funded program, given the fact that Craig’s list has a job offer to people to be paid 15 to 18 dollars per hour, with overtime.  Many other incentives including a fuel rebate to those who have to travel to the site.  The job offer indicated the job was for Trump protesters.

What exactly does that mean?  It means that someone powerful, rich and  who expected a Democratic win are in the process of doing everything they possibly can to prevent Donald Trump from taking office.  Did you know that if the President declares martial law, it would suspend the transition of power and Obama would stay in office indefinitely.  Could it be the plan is to cause…

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On the Air with Pastor Dan Catlin

Oct. 20, 2016


It is pitch black and blustery.  It sounds as if I’m on a storm-tossed sea. Rhythmic waves of wind rush down the northern slopes of the Olympic foothills rocking the forest of cedars, Big-leaf maples, alders, and hemlocks that surround our home. Although we’ve had some higher gusts that prompted me to shut down my computer earlier (last night,)  I estimate the  averaging wind speed to be  about 35 mph.  A normal October night for where we live.

I wonder what the weather will be like at 5 this evening—October 20th. Will the wind die down, remain steady, or become stronger? Will we have power come 5pm? Maybe. Maybe not. But regardless of the unknown, we do have to make plans. Beginning at 5pm PST I’m scheduled to have a discussion about the book, Practical Preparation of the Lord’s Second Coming, over the radio (Internet radio) with Pastor Dan Catlin of

I have never done anything like this before. He sent me an Email invitation to discuss the book and, after praying with a few brothers and sisters in Christ, I agreed to do so.

I’ve no idea how this will go but trust in my Heavenly Father that He will touch listeners through our discussion. You are welcome to listen to the broadcast here:

Please pray for us and with us for others.

I know Pastor Dan has a mission for the homeless that could use donations. Here’s a news clip about his mission:

And I want you to know that the “mission” God has given me is to give away KJV Bibles to anyone who needs one with most of the proceeds from the book sales of Practical Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming. The remainder of any proceeds will go to maintaining an Internet presence for the book and any other small expenses to do with this book.

Thank you all.

L.M. Cobb